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SEGRA - Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia

The SEGRA 2015-16 Challenge

Day 1 - Tuesday, 20 October 2015

4:00pm - 5:15pm

The idea is loosely based on OpenIDEO crowd sourcing. SEGRA has its own blog space so anyone and everyone can contribute and a number of issues champions are already identified.

In reviewing the submitted papers, a number jumped out as 'innovative ideas', provocative challenges or issues that had come of age.

Presentations have been grouped around challenge themes with the intention that delegates self select into these challenge areas, nominated presenters give a 10 minute overview of the challenge and their innovative ideas to address the challenge. The groups then have the opportunity to map out the big idea to move it forward. Challenge champions can then pitch the best ideas from their group at the final plenary session. The winning ideas will also have the opportunity to develop them further, have a go at implementing them and present the outcomes at SEGRA 2016.

The number of challenges is potentially limitless, however, we hope to get between 4-6 groups going before, during and after the conference.

Each participant will be contacted by their topic champion to start the imagining of solutions and capturing inspirations that emerge from these challenges.

Challenge 1

How Might We Respond to Carbon in the Real World?


Challenge Leader:
Gerry Morvell, Chair, Conservation Volunteers and Chair, Wetlands Australia

Challenge Champion:
A/Prof. Peter Waterman, Adjunct Associate Professor in Environmental Science, University of the Sunshine Coast


Challenge 2

How Might We Create Diverse Regional Futures?


Challenge Leader:
Ashley Bland, Senior Manager - Environment, Skillset

Challenge 3

How Might We Build Leadership for the Future?


Challenge Leader:
Kerry Grace, Director, Evolve Network

Challenge 4

How Might We Deliver Good Governance in Regional Australia by 2050?


Challenge Leader:
Simon Boughey, Chief Executive Officer, Cherry Growers Australia and SEGRA National Steering Committee

Challenge 5

How Might We Provide Secure and Safe Domestic Water for Rural and Remote Regions?

Challenge Leader:
Lara Wilde, Project Director, Northern Agriculture Development Scheme, Etheridge Shire Council

Challenge Champion:
Michael Kitzelmann, Chief Executive Officer, Etheridge Shire Council

Dr. Jay Rajapakse, Lecturer, Science and Engineering Faculty, Queensland University of Technology

Challenge 6

How Might We Develop Startup / Innovation Ecosystems in Regional Australia?

Challenge Leader:
Troy Haines, Start-Up & Innovation Coach, theSPACE Cairns