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The SEGRA Planning Committee is seeking contributions for SEGRA 2015 being conducted in Bathurst, New South Wales from
20 - 22 October.

If you would like your contribution considered as a blind peer reviewed conference paper, please note this on your submission.

Click on the image below to view the 2015 Call for Contributions flyer including the theme and action agendas.

Submission Guidelines

Abstracts of up to 250 words are requested by COB, Monday, 15 June 2015.  Contributions must deal with any issues listed on the SEGRA 2015 Call for Contributions flyer.

In selecting contributions, the National Steering Committee is seeking submissions in the following areas:
Expert Panels, Conversation Pits, Case studies and Applied Research 

The selection criteria are as follows:

Expert Panels: 
Presenters selected for these sessions will have high level knowledge and experience in their content area. The facilitated panels are designed to draw out specific and detailed knowledge around the theme and presenters will have the opportunity to address issues at a high analytical level; discussing learning experiences, potential policy spillovers and applications in a range of contexts.

Conversation Pits:
Presenters selected for these sessions will have detailed knowledge at a program or project level. The sessions are facilitated to draw out a cross section of experiences around specific elements drawn from across the presenters.

Workshops and master classes:  Presenters selected for these sessions will have identified a particular and specific skill or technique and how they have applied this to one or more situations.

Case studies:

The committee is looking for case studies that demonstrate a wide variety of strategies and tools that have worked across a range of local conditions. Case studies will describe the communities in depth; identify and discuss the varied development strategies at work in the community venture and answer questions about how and why a particular combination of strategies produced positive and distinctive outcomes within the local context.

Elements that will be considered include: 

Applied Research:  
These papers demonstrate specific research projects that satisfy academic requirements for publication. Preference will be given to papers that identify regional application of knowledge.

Further Requirements:

All presenters must be able to cover their own registration, accommodation and travel costs. Accepted speakers will be offered a 10% discount. To enable delegates to interact with presenters we encourage speakers to attend the entire conference. Speakers must be registered and attend for at least the day of their presentation.

Authors or Presenters will be notified if their abstract has been accepted by Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The titles of papers and presenter’s details provided upon submission (excluding contact details) will be used in the conference program and publications. Any changes must be made to the SEGRA Secretariat in writing or email prior to Friday, 7 August 2015.

Authors of accepted abstracts will be asked to prepare the full paper and submit it by Tuesday, 1 September 2015 for it to be listed in the electronic conference proceedings.